The more time you spend prepping food in your kitchen the healthier you are.

And with a poorly designed kitchen, functionality and enjoyment with your meal prep can be difficult.

Why not make it easier by creating extra counter-space with a kitchen island?

And that’s not the only advantage of having a kitchen island. Read on for 9 reasons why you should include one in your next remodel.

1. Extra Storage Space

Are you having a hard time finding a place to put bulky pots and pans as well as large appliances that you only use twice a year like a crockpot? An island for your kitchen can be that extra storage space that you need.

It can improve your skills in the kitchen and relieve stress since you won’t be rummaging through a tower of cooking utensils to find the one you need.

Think of the storage under an island as a bonus because you don’t have to buy something just for storing your items. Racks and bins take up space without providing functionality.

2. Prepping Made Easy

As your kitchen evolves with age, you might notice that your counter-space disappears in the process. Toasters, blenders, and knick-knacks intrude on your prepping areas.

What is a kitchen island best used for? Taking back that missing space and giving you a designated area for cutting, chopping, mixing, and grinding.

You can use your island for food prep and keep it free from clutter so that you will never have to move objects around just to get your food ready to cook.

3. More Seating

Have you ever had company over and lacked a seat at the breakfast table? By adding some stools to your kitchen island you won’t have guests left standing.

This is also a great option for quick meals on the go. You can park yourself on a stool instead of eating over the sink.

You can even use a seat while preparing your food. Who says that you have to cook standing up? For those long recipes, a stool right next to the counter is ideal for comfortable cooking.

4. A New Place for Appliances

Great kitchen islands are wide enough to fit awkwardly large kitchen appliances. Your regular countertops might be too narrow for crockpots and toaster ovens, but an island can fit them easily.

You can make your island a home for a smoothie station. Place a blender, a cutting board and a fruit bowl on it to have a fruity beverage anytime you want.

And the best part is that you have plenty of storage below to put your appliances when you are finished.

5. Design Options

If you are remodeling, a kitchen island can be what makes your next great kitchen. You have more design options when you add an island to your floorplan.

Move your sink to the island and you can free up space for the pantry that you always wanted. Or buy a new double-door refrigerator with extra freezer space when you can remove that top cabinet row.

You can remove or downsize your kitchen table when you have added seating to your island. This will allow even more space for design options. Add a stacked oven or a new industrial burner as well.

An island can be your answer to your dream kitchen when the remodeling options are endless.

6. Kid-friendly

Including your little ones in your food preparation and cooking tasks makes them more interested in their diets while giving them a first-hand learning experience.

Having an island where they can sit on stools and reach the counter makes inclusion easy.

If they are too young to help, they can sit and observe while you keep an eye on them. Stools are perfect for highchairs so babies can be entertained by your cooking.

Islands can also act as a desk for homework. The kitchen is a social place, so you can help your teens with their math problem without letting the food burn.

Lower counters are great for independent children old enough to use the toaster oven after school. They can prepare their own pizzas or sandwiches after school when they are able to reach the counter.

7. Movable and Customization

You can choose several types of kitchen islands to suit your needs and style.

A movable kitchen island is perfect for small spaces where you can wheel it in when an extra countertop is needed. Place it off to the side or in a closet when you are not using it.

You also have options like the material used on your island. Try steel for islands on wheels to keep them light.

Stationary islands have a range of countertop options like marble, concrete, wood, and tile. Match them with the rest of your kitchen or make your island stand out with a new look.

8. A Center Piece

Your kitchen island is the highlight of your kitchen. It acts as the gathering place for conversions, a dropping-off area for mail, and a displaying surface for plating your favorite dishes.

Adding a kitchen island can make your home complete as it adds character and style while making use of empty space.

9. Display Cabinets

Make sure that once you have installed your kitchen island to add your own personal touches to it.

You can buy one with display cabinets in the front for your wine collections, picture frames, or fine china. This makes your island visually pleasing from top to bottom and front to back.

Modernize Your Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a perfect opportunity to modernize your whole kitchen. Use it as a catalyst for design inspiration when remodeling.

Contact us today to get started on your customized new kitchen.