Feeling frustrated when you look for your favorite sweater? Does your morning routine take a little too long with your current clothing storage system?

Modern closet systems transform your clothing storage with custom spaces designed with your needs in mind.

But they do a lot more than make your closet look pretty. They can make your mornings easier and make you feel better about your bedroom.

Check out these seven benefits you’ll get when you have a custom closet system installed.

1. Better Use of Space

Builder-grade closets come with the basics. You’ll likely end up with a few rods and a shelf or two.

What those closets miss is the opportunity to use the closet space well. So much space goes unused with those standard closet arrangements.

A custom closet system lets you use every square inch the way you want to use it, whether your walk-in closet is a few square feet or is like a separate room.

If you have tall ceilings, you can customize storage that goes all the way up. If your closet has an unusually shaped nook or corner, the closet components can be built to fit it exactly.

Instead of a single rod with lots of unused space underneath, you can build in cabinets, drawers, and shelves to fill that space.

When you make better use of the space, you’ll find that your closet can hold more things. You’re also able to spread out your clothes to give them more room.

2. Personalized Storage Spaces

Is your closet mostly hanging storage space? That’s great if you have a lot of hanging clothes, but most people have a variety of things they want to store in their closets.

When you choose a custom closet, you can personalize the space to include the types of storage that fit your wardrobe. That might include drawers, shelves, hanging rods, shoe racks, and accessory storage.

You get more of the space that you need instead of being stuck with whatever the builder included.

Shoe storage is a perfect example. The average person owns 19 pairs of shoes.

Where do you put all those shoes in a builder-grade closet? What do you do if you have way more than the average? With a custom closet, you can include a larger shoe area in your design.

Or maybe you come in much lower than average. You don’t need as much shoe storage in your design, but maybe you need more drawers to hold other accessories or smaller items.

When you design the closet system yourself, you can include the things that make the most sense for your life.

3. Clothing and Accessory Protection

Having the right type of storage for each type of clothing or accessory can extend the life of your wardrobe. When you have a safe spot for each item, you protect it from damage, such as stretching and tears.

Drawers integrated into the system keep things protected and concealed. They’re away from dirt and light.

Custom shelving allows you to fold things such as sweaters that might stretch or become deformed if you hang them.

Cubbies and drawers keep small accessories from getting lost. Hanging accessory storage can protect your favorite items from getting wrinkled, creased, or otherwise damaged.

Shoe storage helps you keep your footwear organized and safe. Instead of piling your shows and potentially getting them dirty or causing them to lose their shape, they go into cubbies or sections where they’re protected. You also ensure the pairs stay together, so you don’t waste time looking for a mate to your shoes.

4. Easier Organization

Do you waste time finding what you want or need for the day? Closet systems give everything a specific place, so you know where to look.

The different types of storage and an increased amount of storage allow you to spread out your clothes and accessories. When everything’s crammed onto one or two rods, it’s difficult to see what you have because it’s so crowded.

Another feature you can work into a custom closet is lighting. Additional lights in various parts of the storage let you see your items clearly.

5. Upscale Design Options

There’s nothing special about a standard rod and shelf, but a custom closet system makes your closet as beautiful as it is functional. Wood cabinetry is one example of how custom closets can transform your space visually.

You also have control over the finishes used in the system. You can choose a light or dark wood tone, or you can go clean, crisp, and modern with a white finish.

Metal components, such as hanging rods and drawer pulls, also come in a variety of finishes. You can customize the look to fit with your overall bedroom decor.

Custom closets give your master bedroom a luxurious feel that fits your style.

6. Quality, Lasting Materials

Custom closets use high-quality materials that make the system last longer. They’re not flimsy wire shelves that might bend.

Investing upfront in a quality, custom closet ensures your space stays organized and looks great long term. You won’t have to worry about the shelves breaking, drawers failing, or other mechanical issues.

Custom closets may also come with a warranty. If something does happen to the system, the warranty can cover those repairs or replacements.

7. Increased Home Value

You hear a lot about bathrooms and kitchens when it comes to home value, but don’t underestimate the value of good storage space. Buyers pay attention to closet spaces when they evaluate a home.

Custom closet solutions stand out as luxurious and upscale. It gives your master suite an extra touch that makes the buyers feel like they’re getting something special.

Install Modern Closet Systems

Choosing custom modern closet systems for your home gives it a step up to something more beautiful, functional and lasting. Customize the design to your specific needs to get the most out of your home storage spaces.

Are you ready to upgrade your closets? Contact us to get more information about installing a custom closet system in your home.