11 Trends for Sleek Modern Dining Table Sets

11 Unique Dining Room Table Trends

Are you looking for your kitchen or dining room to really stand out? Let these 11 unique dining room table trends inspire you.

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Do you feel that your dining room looks old and dull? Does it seem that your dining table no longer carries its vibrant luster?

A dining table is more than a spot where you and your loved ones can share good food. It also doubles as a focal point in your home.

If you are planning to purchase a unique dining room table, just hold your horses for a bit. You may first want to look at some of the latest design trends.

Continue reading below as we highlight some of the hottest ideas to consider when shopping for a new dining table.

Unique Dining Room Table Trends to Look out For

Whether you are buying the latest dining table from the furniture shop or going the custom route, you need to consider some sleek trends. Some of these trends involve the actual dining table. Some, on the other hand, consists in accentuating pieces.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these interesting trends below:

1. The Modern Rustic

Pulling off the modern rustic look involves the main table and other items. For the table, go for reclaimed wood. A farmhouse-style table can also work.

Go for a thick table top with some visible wood graining. This will help set the rustic tone. As for the chairs, you want to get something modern. Look for plastic, metal, or transparent polycarbonate chairs.

Complete the rustic look with a traditional rug. Go for orange or red to give that warming balance.

2. Neutral But Textured

If you want to have a dining table that is clean and fresh-looking, then go for the textured neutral colors. Neutral colors tend to be bland, so you need to balance things out by adding some texture.

Apart from infusing some graining to your dining table, complement it by using a neutral rug. Moreover, go for beige linen chairs. Finish the look by getting busy up top with a crystal chandelier.

3. Dark Wood

One of the most unique dining sets that are making some noise is the high-contrasting type. This involves a dark wood table that you match with chairs with cream-colored upholstery.

This interesting combination of tones creates a warm and inviting vibe. Add a crystal chandelier to accentuate the contrasting colors below further.

4. Orange Is the New Black

But if you want to make your dining room more energetic, feel free to splurge on some orange. Invest in some orange chairs to match your wooden table.

Orange will inject life and vibrancy to your dining room. But it doesn’t take away that elegant look. If black on black worked for you in the past, then orange is your new black.

5. Glass Is Class

If there is one trend that is making a strong comeback in the home design scene, then it has to be the glass table. This type of table will instantly give your dining area a cool but contemporary character. Moreover, you can surround your glass table with some bright colors.

Doing so will further enhance the table’s beauty and elegance. You can go for chairs with cushion for starters. Or if you want, you can also use colorful chairs to create a louder contrast.

6. Go Green

If there is one color that brings energy and is easy to pair with other colors, green is likely the answer. Go for the bolder shades of green like lime for your chairs. This will spark up your dining area.

It will also blend well with your dark table. Consider using this color, especially if your table features burgundy, mahogany, or chestnut hues. In addition, lime green will also work well with a dining table with sanding.

7. Go Bold

If you choose to go for a bright dining table, contrast it with chairs carrying different bold colors. The goal is to pick two bold colors that will complement each other. You will use the pair and match it with a dining room with neutral colors.

Another option is to use bold table legs. Hunt for a dining table with unique legs. Some ideas to consider include columns, pedestals, and x-shaped legs.

8. Benches and Chairs

If you wish to retain your existing table, then apply the key changes through some chairs and benches. Instead of using your old side chairs, replace them with benches on both sides of your table.

If you only have a budget for a single bench, then go for an elegant one. This will help keep the overall look of your table and chairs together. It creates contrast without compromising that modern look.

In addition, an elegant bench also creates an elevated look for your dining area.

9. Stick to Four

If you already have a modern dining table, you can upgrade it further by sticking to a total of four chairs. This will give your dining table a contemporary touch. It will give your dining area an upscale take on the traditional seating setup.

Go for four chairs if you table sports a light color. Go for four red chairs to match your beige, taupe, or sanded table.

10. Blue and White

Do you want to add a country vibe to your modern dining area? Do you want a unique dining room table that mixes a bit of the traditional with the new and modern? Then go for a clean white table and some sky blue chairs.

This combination of pristine white and pastel blue equates to a country chic look. It is also easy on the eyes and is perfect for people who want to tone down their dining area a bit.

11. Keeping It Round

Lastly, go for a roundtable if you want something small but full of sophistication. Drape it with tablecloth for a sharper look. In addition, invest in some cushion-like chairs.

Let’s Get Your Furniture Right

Regardless of the trend that you follow, make sure you plan accordingly. Measure your spaces and remain authentic to the style that you want.

When it comes to your furniture, we can customize them to your liking. Let us make the unique dining room table of your dreams.

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