15 Modern Kitchen Design Trends to Spark Your Creativity

15 Modern Kitchen Design Trends to Spark Your Creativity

Looking for modern kitchen design ideas to create your dream kitchen? We put together fifteen tips to help you!

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It’s time to cook up a plan. Think of your kitchen as a blank canvas. Now’s the time to imagine how you’d like it to look. A modern kitchen is still the heart of any home and deserves some designer treatment.

It’s often the finishing touches that can make the biggest difference. What you’re looking for is a bit of inspiration. Here are the ideas you need to give your kitchen the extra style it’s been missing.

1. Pewter and Gunmetal Faucets

Gold or brass can be a little garish or harsh. Pewter and gunmetal fixtures will add antique character. They bring with them depth and texture. Go for a vintage style with a handle that allows for easy management of temperature and water volume.

2. Some Open Shelving

Consider replacing some upper cabinets with wood, glass or even colored metal shelving. This is going to make a bold statement giving you the opportunity to display and show off some of your most attractive kitchen accessories.

3. A Classic Vibe

Add some traditional elements. Stools with rattan seats, worktops made from natural stone, or black basalt tiles would all be great choices. Vintage glass light fittings would be the perfect match.

4. Go for Color

White kitchens have had a good run but color is back. Go for an accent wall or some colorfully upholstered chairs. Patterned shades for a central light or a colored bowl on display will give a bit of warmth that white cannot match.

You should incorporate colored cabinets into your kitchen too. Soft grey-washed blues and greens set the mood. These colors work well with brass fixtures and fittings and other contrasting metals too.

5. Back to Nature

Many of us are seeking ways to connect more with nature. Using natural wood for kitchen furnishings is one way to do this. Wood establishes a welcoming and calm space. Use it as a work surface for your island or invest in a wooden dining table.

Raw and organic materials are in so don’t just stop with wood. Think stone and jute as well. Leather or wooden drawer pulls are a great alternative to polished chrome or nickel. They’ll add warmth and depth when used in moderation.

6. Mix up Textures

Don’t just stick with one style of surface. Go for contrasting textures. That could mean combining tall, mirrored backsplashes with marble worktops. Try matte cupboards with some textured bronze handles for a touch of urban glamor.

7. Hidden Appliances

Integrated appliances continue to be in fashion. Oven hoods need to be powerful but slim. Induction cooktops create a seamless look. Other large appliances need to be hidden from view so as not to spoil the designer look you’re trying to achieve.

8. More Digital Technology

It’s hard to resist adding even more digital technology to your home. Who doesn’t want an easier life?

The range of gadgets is growing on a daily basis. This includes wifi-enabled espresso makers. These will have your favorite latte ready and waiting for you the moment you’re out of bed.

Wine technology has also moved on with the times with single pour preservation systems. That means you can keep one bottle open while you try out a few more.

9. Classic and Modern Kitchen Styles

Contemporary kitchens can draw from a mixture of classic and modern styles. By all means, go for modern appliances with an integrated look. These don’t need to look as though they belong in the space age.

Kitchens need to be warm and welcoming. That means veering away from anything that’s too stark and clinical.

10. Popular Matte Black

Matte black is still a favorite finish for hardware accents and kitchen fixtures. That said, it doesn’t need to be everywhere. You could use it as a fresh accent color in a kitchen that is otherwise light in shade.

Black finishes create a touch of drama without darkening the kitchen. Jewel-toned colors such as ruby red or emerald green in your lighting fixtures will work well against matte black.

11. Misty Blue and Hunter Green

Set a soft and serene mood with a hazy grey-blue color for cupboards and cabinets. Alternatively, choose hunter green for a more classic look. This color works well with walnut wood and leather door pulls.

Olive green and hunter green are both proving popular across other fashions too. These organic greens have calming properties.

12. Pendant Light Fixtures

These help to divide up the space of your kitchen. They denote different areas such as the place you use for dining. Go for pendant fixtures with hard finishes. Use them as sculptural jewelry to add some luxury and class to your kitchen.

You can also consider adding a bit of industrial chic with some stainless steel pendant lights. These can look great over an island to give a professional, restaurant type feel.

13. Doing Your Bit for the Planet

Remember to have a plan for where to place garbage and recycling bins. It’s well worth considering built-in bins hidden behind a cupboard door, for example. Add to this a sleek, brushed stainless-steel container that’s placed out of the way.

14. Plan the Layout Carefully

Make sure you can access the outdoors easily if that’s possible from your kitchen. Seek expert advice for a custom-made kitchen so that you maximize the available space.

It’s wise to plan the working elements of the room to be adjacent to the outdoors. This will let in more natural light and could increase your outdoor entertaining space.

15. Organic Flooring

Floors need to be slip-resistant and easy to maintain. That doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Stay with the organic theme and go for a hardwood floor. It will add warmth to the room. Tough, natural stone also works well and gives a strong earthy look.

Stay Ahead of the Game

If you’re planning a kitchen, functionality is key but so is style. The two are interlinked. For a fresh, modern kitchen go for color and throw in a mix of textures too.

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