When it comes to creating the ideal environment, interior designers know that custom furniture can set the tone for an entire home or commercial space.

Designing the right pieces to display and enjoy can provide a visual aesthetic that’s perfect for living, entertaining, or conducting business.

To introduce you to this year’s furniture trends–predicted to last into 2020–we’ve picked the brains of top furniture designers for the inside scoop.

From geometric patterns to bold colors and blush-colored upholstery, we present you with the innovative furniture trends not to miss.

1. Cozy Beds

This year is all about cozy. And beds provide the ultimate in comfort. While we sleep or relax, we need to feel nurtured, protected, and secure.

Look for cozy beds start with soft,  upholstered tufted headboards and footboards. Add textiles you can sink into for the ultimate place to snuggle.

2. Geometric Patterns

Remember all those asymmetrical geometric patterns and shapes of the ’80s? Well, they’re coming back with a vengeance!

The tribal looks are yielding to a looser, freer imperfect and non-symmetrical patterns that provide their own level of balance. You’ll love the fabrics around the bend.

3. Rounded Curves

Say goodbye to severe angles, edgy silhouettes, and cutting edges. Modern furniture trends are bringing in alluring, sexy curves to market for a natural and warm look and feel.

Chairs are rounded. Sofas are smoother. Beds bring softer edges to the design stage. Curvy and warm defines most of the furniture designs in both home design and office.

The idea is to portray a natural look. They’re relaxed, soft, and supple, and quite sensual. But sometimes with a graphic element in prints and fabrics as accents.

Curvy, modern furniture pieces turn away from the rigid edges and lines of the recent past.  They present a stylish look and a classic stance on furniture design mastery.

Timeless and Organic

Make sure to keep the curves natural, though when making your purchases. The idea is to keep everything organic. Not too curvaceous. Minimalism is good.

Also, beware of all things too busy. Busy tends to make us bored quickly. They lack a timeless quality and remain a short-lived fad.

We see 1970’s-inspired curvy furniture taking center stage this year. To create the look, try some rounded back seating for a stylish way to bring warmth into your home or business setting.

4. Get Creative with Metals

In the next year, metal finishes will be more popular than before. They’ll be used in innovative ways we’re not used to. But say goodbye to rose-gold metals. Metals that are in fashion include gold, blackened metals, and brass.

Metals will provide more ways to pique your interest. Dining and occasional tables boast more sculptural bases than we’ve seen in the past. And functional art gets a nod in customized furniture this season.

5. Natural Stone

Don’t you just love anything in natural stone that combines with a modern line? Things you’ll see more of in design showrooms include marble dining tables paired with lightweight dining seating. This provides a unique contrast of weight and scale.

The idea is to combine stone in a way that’s casually relaxed, not rigid. Mix a vintage chair in rattan that’s light with stone for a dramatic, yet relaxed appeal. Not too genteel is the way to go.

6. Art Deco Makes an Appearance

Art Deco returns with an influence that’s prominent and complements modern. You’ll see lots of deco in pink hues as a popular color in furniture. You’ll see many furniture silhouettes and textiles in art deco as well.

Other colors we expect to see that go well with blush pink include navy, olive green, and oxblood.

7. Antique Furniture Blends with Modern Style

Omnipresent design won’t be the focus this season. We’ll see antiques that blend with modern furniture design for an eclectic look toward the future.

Homeowners prefer their spaces to exude a personality and a soul that combines both the future and the past.

They want their spaces to tell their stories with their furniture pieces. The more customized, the better. Authentic antiques and antique-inspired furniture design make a comeback.

8. Sustainable and Natural Materials

Savvy and conscious customers are asking for natural, sustainable materials more and more. This means untreated materials rule furniture trends in 2019.

Natural woods and fabrics present a human touch to living and working spaces, as do natural textures. However, it does so in a subtle and understated way. Nature enthusiasts prefer it this way.

We won’t see synthetic fabrics as in the past. Natural wood, natural stone, and natural fabrics that are sustainable are the modern furniture trends this year.

The use of nature and sustainability in modern furniture invite you to nurture yourself in nature in total comfort.

9. Retro-inspired Furniture Trends

Furniture trends pay tribute to the past in 2019 by raising the curtain to retro-style and mid-century modern decor. A popular style that has gained even more momentum every year.

Make a statement with the nostalgic ’60s and ’70s in interior design at home or at work. These furniture trends meld perfectly with modern touches throughout without making the interior space look outdated. Quite the opposite.

10. Bold Colors, Patterns, and Finishes

In addition to cozy and comfortable timeless styles this year, we’ll see bold colors and patterns.

Some of the colors we’ll see for the next year:

  • Radiant reds
  • Fiery oranges
  • Vibrant greens
  • Neutral beiges and browns

Mixing these colors give way to stylish retro-inspired rooms with soul and spirit. While colors can be bold, they don’t have to be bright.

Other tones on the color palette in interior design trends include burnt orange, golden hues, forest green, and bronze tones.

To complement the look, we’ll see terrazzo and matte finishes for a contemporary but subdued modern, stylish look.

2019 Furniture Trends Revisited

These are this year’s modern furniture trends in customized furniture pieces. They’re absolutely beautiful and expected to last well into 2020 and beyond.

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